Bkav Pro listed Top 10 Best Products and Services of Vietnam
09:36:00 | 06-09-2023

Bkav Pro anti-virus software has just been honored with the Top 10 Best Products and Services of Vietnam 2022. This is an annual event jointly organized by the Vietnam Consumer Protection Association and the Institute of Economics and Culture.

At the award ceremony in Hanoi on August 7, there were also names such as SHB, Doji, Saigon Co.op, etc. The award result was based on a nationwide user survey to select businesses with products and services of good quality, high reputation, environmental friendliness, high competition, and so on.

Bkav Pro representative received the award for Best Products and Services of Vietnam 2022

After the honor ceremony, Bkav Pro representative Mr. Le Tien Thinh shared: “The award for the Top 10 Best Products and Services of Vietnam recognizes Bkav's efforts towards developing high-quality technology products that are beneficial to society and the community, contributing to turning Vietnam into a powerful country in the future. This is our great honor.

In many years, Bkav’s antivirus has been honored as “Users’ favorite information security product”, while the company has continually won Cups for outstanding Vietnamese brands. Bkav antivirus software dominates the domestic market, chosen by up to 73.95% businesses. (According to businesses’ favorite software brands ranking by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Established in 1995, Bkav is a leading technology corporation in cyber security, software, e-government, smartphone and smart electronic devices manufacturing. Bkav is one of the few Vietnamese companies producing high-tech products with core technology owned by the company itself.