Bkav SmartHome FAQ
I would like to deploy SmartHome system in the house my family live, must the walls be perforated to re-install the current power line system?

Your house is complete and already in use and if you want to deploy SmartHome system, it is totally possible to use the old power line system without the need of repairing, perforating walls to install a new power line, thanks to ZigBee (wireless communications and control technology). Therefore, the system deployment is to replace old switches, sockets with SmartHome's smart switches and sockets. Such deployment will keep the original architecture and design of your house.

At first, I only purchase the smart lighting system. Then, if I would like to upgrade the environmental control system, security monitoring, do I have to replace the whole system?

You have installed SmartHome's smart lighting system. Then, if you would like to upgrade other systems, you shall not need to replace the entire purchased devices. You just need to purchase the addition devices for new system. In addition, the upgraded system deployment will be very simple and convenient because it is not necessary to install new wires for this system. With other current solutions on the market, you have to reinstall, nearly, the entire wiring and electrical system to upgrade and expand the system.

I haven't not seen much difference between Bus technology and wireless technology (like SmartHome) deployment in newly built house. What are advantages of SmartHome?

Bus technology's deployment for new construction is not much different from wireless technology. However, the demand of system upgrade or expansion during use is inevitable. At that time, the outstanding advantages of SmartHome's wireless technology is the capacity to expand and upgrade the system easily and conveniently which will promote the effectiveness of your investment. Meanwhile, it is a big problem for those solutions using Bus technology to carry out.

I found that some smart home solutions are too difficult to use. Is SmartHome solution easy to use?

SmartHome system is very easy to use. The users rarely need to perform actions to directly control the devices in their houses. The system has been programmed to operate intelligently in the context scenarios which simplify the control of devices. In addition, the control interface installed on the handheld smart devices (phones, tablets) is designed intuitively 3D graphics according to actual furniture in your house. Therefore, it will bring about closeness, familiarity and help every family member use easily. Currently, SmartHome solution is the only one to be integrated the technology.

At night when the intruder is detected, does SmartHome system alert and indicate the intrusion position on the control screen?

SmartHome security monitoring system can do this, absolutely. For example: When a stranger illegally intrudes into your home from the balcony, SmartHome security monitoring system will immediately alert with red flashing on the balcony area screen, display camera images at the balcony. You can also deploy the alert system according to the different levels of security such as: Turn on lights at intrusion areas, alert with the siren in the house, send text messages or call your family members or other emergency phone numbers that you have registered. Apart from SmartHome's solution, there has not been any solution on the market that can meet your demand.

I would like to know the functions of SmartHome security monitoring system.

SmartHome security monitoring system will control all security risks which can occur in your home through devices such as electronic fence, infrared motion sensor, door-open sensor, broken glass sensor that detect and alert about the intrusion, ensuring the house security. Smoke sensor, fire sensor, gas leak sensor, etc. help detect and alert to the fire risk, ensuring the safety of the house. After detecting such threats, the system will alert your family members according to different scenarios and levels of security through many ways such as siren, turning on light, sending text message or calling family members, security guard or emergency numbers for fire, police, etc.

Can SmartHome system let me watch the surveillance camera of my home when I am away from home?

SmartHome's surveillance camera system can be seen remotely through the devices connected to the Internet. With SmartHome's solution, when you would like to watch the camera in any area, you just need to touch the area on the designing map 3D of your house. Besides, if there is any problem about home safety and security the system will automatically alert and send images in the problem area to your mobile and help you control your home actively.

In case I forget turning off devices when I go out, does SmartHome solution support remote turn-off?

SmartHome solution completely assists you in this case. For example: when you go out and forget turning off the gas stove, you can use your phone to turn off the gas valve without coming back home.

I find that SmartHome solution has many scenarios. It would be difficult to find the appropriate scenario. Can SmartHome solution filter the appropriate scenarios for time of use?

It is the special feature of the SmartHome solution which no solution on the market has supported. SmartHome's scenarios are the contextual ones which mean the scenarios only display in each specific context. For example: In the morning, the system will display the scenario used for the morning without the afternoon or evening scenario. On holidays, the system only displays the scenario for holidays. It can help users easily choose their appropriate usage scenarios.

Can I change the scenarios by myself according to my demand in SmartHome system?

With SmartHome system, you absolutely can change operation scenarios easily by yourself without assistance from techinicians. With the touch screen, you can customize operation scenarios easily according to your desire. You shall not be able to do this with other current solutions on the market.

My children often watch TV late at night. It affects their health. If I want the system to automatically turn off TV in their bedroom at 10 p.m., is it possible?

You absolutely can do it. SmartHome system uses the intelligent sockets which can control the power supply for the sockets according to usage demand of each family. In your case, you can set up the power supply mode for TV socket in your children's bedroom which is automatically disconnected at 10 p.m. and resupplied the next day. There has not been any solution like this on the market.

How long does it take to finish the deployment of SmartHome system?

Thanks to the technology of wireless control communication, the deployment of SmartHome system takes very little time. After your house finishes deploying the eletric infastructure, it takes 1 to 2 weeks to install and configure SmartHome operating system.

What about the warranty of SmartHome system?

The equipments in SmartHome system have 2-year warranty by the company from the date of inspection and hand-over the system. Beside, you can select to purchase the additional warranty period for the system. After the warranty period, the company will apply the maintenance policy for the system.

I would like to know how the feature of enviroment control in SmartHome system works.

The enviromental control system in SmartHome system monitors the parameters of temperature, humidity, light intensity in your house, sends these parameters to central system to handle and sends command to equipments such as: air conditions, ventilators, fresh air blowers, nebulizers, dehumidifiers to balance the humidity, temperature, etc, which will bring the purest environment and ensure the health for all off your family members.

What is ZigBee technology used in SmartHome system?

ZigBee used in SmartHome system is the technology of wireless control communication. Its advantages are low energy consumption (by 1/10 Wifi wave), compact design and do not affect to the people's health. In addition, ZigBee wave with simple communication protocol does not affect to other wireless waves in your hourse and are not affected from these waves, has capacity to expand the network better than other wireless waves, bringing the stability and reliability in controlling.

My house already has electric - electronic equipments such as: air condition, TV, blind, sound system, can they be connected to SmartHome system? Do I need to purchase new ones?

If your house already has electric - electronic equipment, when installing SmartHome system, you can continue to use them without buying new ones. SmartHome system supports the connection to all electric equipments on the market. There is not any other company on the market that can do it. Products of other companies are only compatible control for some certain electronic devices which means you must purchase some new equipment to integrate into that system.

I have referred some other smart home solutions and see that the control software on the handset devices is complicated, not easy to use. Does SmartHome solution support to press the image on the electric device in the house on the sensor screen to control?

The software to control SmartHome system on the handset device is designed with 3D visualization based on actual interior of your house. Thus, when controlling the device in the house, you only press these devices on the control interface, to control them. You cannot experience the feature with other current solutions on the market. Please refer to the usage instruction as Clip below.

My house has the automatic curtainss and gate. Can I control these equipments when deploying SmartHome system?

When installing SmartHome system, you can entirely integrate to control your current automatic curtains and gate system as well as other devices into SmartHome system such as automatic sprinkler, water pump system, etc.

My children often wake up late. I want to take a measure to wake them up on time. Can SmartHome do it?

When installing SmartHome system, you can set up automatic scenario to wake your children up such as: open curtains, turn on lamps and play a piece of soft music in the bedroom to wake your children up every morning at the time you want. Besides, these scenarios can set up upon the seasons, weather, that no other smart home solutions can do it.

When deploying SmartHome system, I must install additional control devices in my house. Does it consume more energy than popular electric system?

Using SmartHome system not only consumes less electric energy, but also save more energy than popular electric system. Because of using the sensors and operating in smart scenarios, it helps optimizing activities of electric devices in your house: lighting lamps, air condition and water heater. The system only turns on these equipments when you want to use and automatically turn off when not using.

On the days that the weather indoor and outdoor has differences, does SmartHome system automatically remind or warn of that?

SmartHome system can absolutely do it. SmartHome system is installed with environment sensor indoor and outdoor to monitor the temperature, humidity of the enviroment in and out of your house. The signal is sent to the control center to compare and give the warnings for your family if there is any different temperature in and out your house. Reminding your family to prepare when going out, avoid sunstroke or chill. This is the feature that only SmartHome has, no other smart home solutions can do it.

After holidays, I return to my house, the atmosphere is often stuffy and uncomfortable. I want the air condition, ventilator, water heater system automatically turns on before I come home. Can SmartHome solution do it?

Possible. With the unlimited connection of SmartHome system, you can turn on or off air condition, water heater or any electric equipment before you come home. Besides with the smart scenarios, you can set up the scenario "Go home" and just only press the button on the handset device, you give a command so that the system can automatically turn on air condition, ventilator, water heater, etc in your house automatically.