Frequently asked questions about Bkav SmartHome
My house has been completed and used for a few years. Do I have to chisel the walls and rewire the electrical system to deploy Bkav SmartHome?
The answer is No. You can use the current electrical system to deploy Bkav SmartHome. It’s due to the solution’s usage of ZigBee, a technology for wireless communication and control. Therefore, you just need to replace the old switches and sockets with SmartHome switches and sockets. This process of system deployment will help retain the original architecture and design of your house.
For the time being, I want to invest in a smart lighting system only. In the future, if I want to upgrade the solution to include environmental control, security monitoring, etc., do I have to replace the entire existing system?
If your house has deployed SmartHome lighting system, then you’ll just need to buy new devices to include new systems to your smart house. There’s no need to replace the whole existing devices. Besides, the deployment of new systems is very simple and convenient because no re-wiring is needed. With other solutions available on the market, system upgrade and expansion require rewiring and reconstructing of the entire electrical system.
I have not seen much difference between the implementation of solutions using Bus technology and solutions using wireless technology (such as SmartHome) when constructing new houses. So what are the advantages of SmartHome?
You are right. There’s little difference between Bus technology and wireless technology when implemented for new construction projects. However, the needs for upgrade and expansion are inevitable as time passes. Then, the outstanding advantage of SmartHome's wireless technology is the ability to allow easy and convenient system upgrade and expansion, thereby promoting your investment outcome. Whereas, with solutions using Bus technology, it’s not such easy.
I find some smart home solutions very difficult to use. Is Bkav SmartHome user-friendly?
It’s very simple to use Bkav SmartHome. Owners can use smartphones or tablets to control their house on an intuitive 3D interface, where devices are simulated same as in reality. Therefore, when users need to control any devices in their home, they just need to click on such devices on the control screen. For example, touch the curtain icon on the screen to control the curtains, or touch the air conditioner image to adjust this device. Besides, this 3D interface of Bkav SmartHome allows users to “move” among spaces in the house like in reality. Bkav SmartHome is the only solution on the market that applies 3D control technology to allow house control on the touch screen of smartphones or tablets. Whereas, house control of other manufacturers is done on menu interface, which is difficult to find and use and limits the control to mostly device turning on/off. Such interface is not suitable for children, the elderly or those who are reluctant to use the devices carefully and accurately.
My house has many floors and rooms. Before going to bed, I usually check every room to make sure all the lights are turned off and the windows and doors are closed, which takes a lot of time. Will Bkav SmartHome help me check the rooms without having to go to each of them?
With Bkav SmartHome, owners can sit in one place and use the intuitive interface on their handhelds to "go" to each room, turn on/off the devices there. Or more simply, they can create a context-based scenario for "Home inspection", then select this scenario to trigger the system to automatically perform the tasks that they used to do every day.
How will Bkav SmartHome operate when the power goes out?
To ensure security - safety for construction projects with security monitoring systems deployed, we recommend using backup power systems such as UPS, generators. We will advise specifically on the solution that suits the needs of the homeowner when deploying the system.
have examined some other smart home solutions and found that the control software on handhelds is complicated and difficult to use. Does Bkav SmartHome allow clicking on the image of an electrical appliance on the touch screen to control it?
Bkav SmartHome control software on handhelds is intuitively designed in 3D same as in reality. Therefore, when users need to control devices in their home, they just need to click on the images of those devices on the control screen. This is impossible with other solutions on the market.
How long does it take to deploy Bkav SmartHome system?
Due to the use of wireless communication technology, the deployment of Bkav SmartHome takes very little time. Once the electrical system is completed, it takes from 1 to 2 weeks to install and configure Bkav SmartHome system.
If there is a central system failure, will the whole house will stop operating?
In the event of a central system failure, the system will maintain the operation status of the devices. Besides, users can control the devices on the control panels installed in the rooms. This is the difference of Bkav SmartHome compared to other systems on the market.