Bkav SmartHome won the bid to deploy the Hong Ha Eco City project

(15:12 | 27-10-2019)

Right after the Ecopark Grand Park Premium project, Bkav SmartHome won the package of providing and installing smart home for the high-class apartments of Hong Ha Eco City project. With Bkav SmartHome, all devices in the house will be operating according to intelligent contextual scenarios, thereby saving energy, costs, and ensuring the comfort and high class of the apartment.

Located at the southern gateway of the capital, Hong Ha Eco City urban area consists of 16 apartment buildings with 10-34 floors, built with full of public utilities, green parks, entertainment areas, commercial centers, towards a modern and comfortable living environment close to nature. Especially, at the center of the project is the Flower Garden division with 5-star apartments operated and managed by the hotel management brand of Swiss Spirit Hospitality.

Tu Hiep - Hong Ha Eco City urban area

Sharing the choice of Bkav SmartHome for high-end apartments of the project, Hong Ha Eco City Investor said, the investor wanted a solution that could be easily implemented while retaining the original architecture and design of the project, which can be upgraded and expanded at any time without renovating the status quo. The solution provider must also have practical capacity and experience in deploying projects to ensure safety, progress and professionality at reasonable costs. Thanks to these reasons, Bkav SmartHome is selected for most projects, apartment buildings, urban areas, etc. in Vietnam now.

Bkav SmartHome is a complete smart home system

In addition, security control is also an important factor for investor to choose Bkav SmartHome. The security system is integrated with AI technology, smart recognition of the owner and the stranger to strictly monitor and control the insecurity and theft in the house.

Before Hong Ha Eco City, Bkav SmartHome has been deployed on more than 30,000 apartments, adjacent houses and villas in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces across the country. The manufacturer said that the installation of Bkav SmartHome is very rapid, and the distribution system throughout 63 provinces will ensure support and customer care.