Bkav SmartHome diversifies product packages to meet all market demands

(09:27 | 30-01-2019)

In order to meet the diverse demands of the smart home market, Bkav SmartHome has designed 4 productt packages including: SMH-SX (39 million VND ~ 1,680 USD); SMH-MX (89 million VND ~ 3,839 USD); SMH-LX (159 million VND ~ 6,858 USD) and SMH-GX (399 million VND).

The 4 Bkav SmartHome packages can meet all of the current housing market segments with full standards of a modern home: control system of light, sound, air conditioners, curtains, televisions; security system, voice control etc. The price is also set out to match the size and demand of each segment of the current housing market in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Co, General Director of Bkav SmartHome shared: "In the field of high-tech manufacturing, it is not easy to diversify product category. It must be the original manufacturer who owns core technology and production process to produce excellent products at a good price".

Bkav SmartHome system connects together all electric devices in the house like light system, curtains, air conditioners, television, stereo system, door lock, water heater, security camera etc. and controls them based on smart contextual scenarios. Owners can directly control their house via smartphone or tablet.

Bkav SmartHome system has been deployed in thousands of apartments and villas in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other big cities across Vietnam. The manufacturer said that installing Bkav SmartHome is very simple and fast. At the same time, the distribution system throughout 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam will ensure support and customer care.