Bkav SmartHome officially launches home advanced security devices

(08:34 | 23-08-2018)

Bkav SmartHome has just released its new set of advanced security devices, so-called Bkav SmartHome Security, a multi-layer protection covering home's fences, yards, doors, specified areas and rooms. Unlike existing devices on the market, Bkav SmartHome Security is integrated with artificial intelligence (AI technology) which intelligently eliminates false alarms, false detection of unexpected home intrusions. The devices will officially be available on July 30 from the price of 50 million dong.

Bkav SmartHome Security consists of a central security device, electronic fences, sensors, camera IP system, etc. all of which make up a multi-layer protection, monitoring home in real time. When the homeowner forgets to lock door or there is a risk of fire or explosion, unauthorized access, the system will trigger warnings at different levels of security such as: turning on light in the intruded area, activating alarming horn, sending messages or making calls to the owner, etc. This is the first home security solution to integrate AI technology, allowing the differentiation of people inside/outside and switching security mode by context.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Co, General Director of Bkav SmartHome shared: "Bkav SmartHome Security products are smart guardians, "learning" user's habits and adjusting suitable scenarios. Security accompanied with comfort is our philosophy to build this solution".

Some devices of Bkav SmartHome Security

Central controller

Currently on the market, there are many security devices which are cheap but potentially cause inconvenience to homeowners such as false detections and alarms when family elderly members do not follow normal living hours or there are guests visiting the house, etc.  

Bkav SmartHome Security works "naturally", reliably, accurately identifying when the security system should be activated. Home monitoring interface is displayed visually, actively, allowing direct images of intruded areas.

With compact devices connected via ZigBee wireless technology or Wi-Fi, the installation of Bkav SmartHome Security is convenient and easy on existing infrastructure.