Bkav SmartHome deployed for D’. Palais De Louis imperial apartments

(10:58 | 26-04-2018)

On March 2018, Bkav Corporation cooperated with Tan Hoang Minh Group to deploy Bkav SmartHome system for apartments which belong to D'. Palais De Louis project. The installation and hand-over will be completed within 4 months.

D'. Palais De Louis is considered as the palace of Versailles in the heart of Hanoi, one of the most luxury project in Vietnam that brings the French architecture style and is equipped with luxurious interiors, many facilities and 5-star standard services. D'. Palais De Louis is described as a masterpiece in architecture and decorative arts by New York Times, USA.

In D'. Palais De Louis, all stages from work design to interior decoration are invested carefully by Tan Hoang Minh Group. The owner not only chooses the top interior brands in the world, but also orders these brands to customize interiors for apartments in D'. Palais De Louis, creating the highest ever luxury-level in Vietnam. These brands are Longhi, Bamax, Sige Gold, Dragan and Bkav SmartHome. The owner said that deploying Bkav SmartHome solution for D'. Palais De Louis will ensure the comfort, modern and be commensurate with the luxurious design of apartments.

Inner space of D'. Palais De Louis tower

4-season swimming pool in D'.Palais De Louis

Bkav SmartHome is the comprehensive smart home systems, controls the house on visual interface via smartphone or tablet in which the devices are simulated same as in reality. The control systems of lighting, curtains, environment, security, entertainment and water heater operate based on smart contextual scenarios to bring the most comfort to users. Bkav SmartHome is the latest generation of smart home system in the world with outstanding technology in comparison with products from US and EU – according to the evaluation criteria by Gartner.

To the present, Bkav SmartHome has been deployed for about 60 projects such as Ecolife Capitol, Hanoi Landmark 51, Condotel Royal Park Bac Ninh, etc. In addition, Bkav SmartHome is aiming overseas and reviewed as a useful solution for Singapore's Smart Nation.

Interiors in D'. Palais De Louis apartments

Perspective of D'. Palais De Louis


Images: Tan Hoang Minh Group