Bkav SmartHome with Singapore's Smart Nation Vision

(10:54 | 07-03-2016)

At VTV1 news channel of Vietnam Television broadcasted on February 21, Bkav SmartHome is reviewed as a useful solution for Singapore's Smart Nation.

According to the news, Singapore, also known as the lion island, is taking efforts to deploy the ambitious strategy to be the world first Smart Nation in the next 10 years. The fullest aim of this program is improving the quality of citizens' lives. Deploying Smart Nation vision has created a chance for Singapore citizens to reach the most advanced technologies as well as a potential market for the world technology firms from many countries, including Vietnam.


Bkav SmartHome system connects all devices in the house together as a network system and controls them based on smart scenarios

Mr. Mark Chang – a retired engineer in Singapore shared his experience about making his dream come true, owning a smart home. All devices in Mr. Chang's new house, from curtains, lighting system, air conditioners, entertainment devices, security etc. are integrated into a system so that he can control from anywhere via his tablet.

"I referred similar companies of smart home technology in Singapore, but Bkav SmartHome system is more flexible. SmartHome installation helps me achieve both aims, a smart home in personally and Smart Nation for the government", Mr. Mark Chang commented.

Bkav is the first technology corporation in Vietnam that brings smart home technology to develop and compete equally in Singapore market.

Mr. Andy Chu – Bkav SmartHome Director in Singapore said: "By deploying Bkav SmartHome system in Singapore, Bkav wants to prove our technological potentials as well as abilities to research, manufacture state-of-the-art devices and catch up trends. Besides, we wish to explore this potential market."

According to Gartner - the information technology research and advisory firm, the strategy about smart home in Singapore is creating a potential market for many technology firms in the world. There are many fields that actually need smart solution, from health service, public traffic, electronic government, education and training to smart home.


Bkav SmartHome is the latest generation of smart home system in the world with outstanding technology in comparison with products from US and EU – according to evaluation criteria by Gartner

According to Mr. Foong King Yew – Research Vice President, Gartner - the information technology research and advisory firm: "Singapore citizens go ahead to catch latest technology in the area. They have ability and are ready to apply smart home technologies. The important thing for service and product suppliers is that they must let customers see how their life quality is improved by applying technology.

To the present, products such as smartphone apps or smart home are becoming more and more popular in Singapore citizens' lives and giving them a higher life quality and actualize Smart Nation Vision that Singapore is aiming.

Source: VTV1