Smart home

(15:50 | 05-09-2014)

(Thoi Nay News) Automatically open the door, turn on the lamps when the home owner come in or play music, film, for pets feeding … through the voice is utilities of smart home that is mentioned in the article "Smart home" on Thoi Nay news. We post this article again on our website

With the electronic equipment works automatically, no need more manipulations, the smart home, also known as the computer home is a control solution integrated for the apartment. Smart home is synchronized via LAN or Wifi network ... can operate all automatic systems based on installed program, or under the control and supervision of users remotely via control devices such as smart phone, tablet or laptop.

The smart home utilities are that the home owner can access remotely into home management system to directly monitor any area, any changes in the house via Internet. If you do not remember in the morning whether you turned off the iron not, from your company, you can control to turn off power of that iron. With other incidents such as forgetting to turn off the lamps when leaving home, lock the door, turn off the heater, etc. even forgetting for pets feeding you can handle them via electronic control panel. In addition, systems such as lighting, air conditioner, security, audio visual sound, image bell, automatic doors or even curtains ... also integrates the infrared sensor technology to be able to identify the access of visitors, which can turn on/ off devices automatically. Subject to user demands, the house can be equipped additional systems such as fire protection systems, smog and air poisoning alarm…

In Vietnam, smarthome is researched and developed by Bkav SmartHome Company. This is a technology house manufactured in Vietnam, meets full criteria of a smart home according to the international standards. Besides the available preeminent features, smart home "made in Vietnam" has an advantage that all control software is integrated in Vietnamese, so it is easy for domestic users. Additionally, price is cheaper than imported products. Subject to demands and using levels, users can equip their houses  with each smart product set as control device, lighting device, sound devices, security system, etc with price about from several hundred millions Vietnam Dong

According to the Market research - ABI Research, there is about 1,1 millions of houses equipped smart security. This number is expected to double gain by 2014.

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