Bkav SmartHome's surprise debut at CES 2015

(17:12 | 26-01-2015)

The world's largest tradeshow of consumer electronics and technology, CES 2015, has just opened in the state of Nevada (US), with the presence of more than 3,600 technology firms from all over the world. The big surprise here is the appearance of the SmartHome solution from Bkav Corporation of Vietnam.

Recently, Bkav has just made an announcement that stirred the public and Internet community: "SmartHome Technology of Bkav is ahead of the giants in the world of technology. If Microsoft, Google, Apple and Samsung joined the smart home market only 2 years ago, Bkav has developed the technology for 10 years". In light of the fact that smart home technology is quite new - even for the world - Bkav's announcement easily causes quite a surprise and disbelief.

However, in Las Vegas, thousands of visitors from all over the world to CES 2015 have been experiencing Bkav SmartHome, a complete solution that is developed entirely by Vietnam.


The manufacturer Bkav said SmartHome solution showcased at CES 2015 is the latest generation smart home system in the world which is superior in terms of technology compared to the US and Europe products, according to criteria of Gartner. On the market, a number of firms have also introduced smart home solutions at the basic generation, unable to be configured as a complete system such as of Apple, Google, and Microsoft (US); or developed based on home automation as of Siemens (Germany) and Schneider, Legrand (France)... In early 2014, Google acquired Nest (maker of smart thermostats and smoke alarms), Samsung launched a smart home system exclusively for its devices, and most recently, Apple launched smart home application platform HomeKit. If Google's smart home is in the form of just a single device, Samsung's system can be controlled by simple scenarios and exclusively for its products and Apple HomeKit is only a software suite.


Present at CES 2015, Vu Thanh Thang, Vice president of Bkav in charge of hardware and SmartHome, said:"Bkav SmartHome is now the world leading in terms of technology and product. This is the first time in the history of science and technology, Vietnam is leading the trend. We are actively promoting commercial activities to introduce the product in a worldwide scale so that smart home solution of Vietnam becomes not only a technology leader but also the number one in terms of branding and trading."

Mr. Thang also said that for the last six months, Bkav SmartHome has attended most of the largest international tradeshows in Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East such as: SITEX (Singapore), CeBIT (Germany), Big 5 (UAE), Build Expo New York (USA) and a number of other exhibitions such as BuildTech Yangon (Myanmar), GBR Expo Asia (Thailand), ITCN Asia (Pakistan), Building & Construction (Malaysia). The presence at CES 2015 is also a part of the plan to introduce the product globally.

CES is the place to demonstrate technology trends, which is potentially popular in the near future. Smart home is one of the most expected technologies at this year tradeshow with the participation of the 61 largest worldwide technology firms. Smart home is gradually becoming an attractive business that hardly any technology giant can ignore, due to the expected market value in 2020 of 7.1 trillion USD, predicted by market research firm IDC.

Bkav SmartHome is a complete smart home system, helps homeowners managing and controlling their house via the visual 3D interface on a smartphone or tablet. Devices in the 3D design are synced with the reality ones. The systems of lighting control, curtain control, environment control, security, entertainment, etc. are connected and operated under the smart context scenarios, bringing the high comfort and luxury life for homeowners.

User is enabled to control his house not only directly on the smartphone, tablet, but also with his own voice thanks to the virtual assistant technology. Bkav SmartHome also has the ability to automatically learn the changes and update the scenario according to the needs of the owners.


At CES 2015, Bkav SmartHome system was controlled via made-by-Bkav smartphone



This is a high-end smartphone housed in unibody aluminium , and going to be launched this March.