Smart home: domestic products are more preeminent than foreign

(16:48 | 05-09-2014)

 (ICTnews) - Compared with foreign rivals, SmartHome's products have more advantages to meet consumer's demand increasing of Vietnamese people. Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, SmartHome Sales Director (the member company of Bkav Corporation) has provided a series of evidences in a discussion with the reporter of ICTnews.

SmartHome has invested in smart home business from a long time. Which results has SmartHome achieved?

Up to now, we have had 9 years of investment in research and development of smart home. Currently, we have owned and mastered the core technology of the system, so that SmartHome can manufacture and deploy really smart homes, to meet maximum users' demands with features such as smart lighting system, security control system, environment control systems, entertainment and utility systems, etc.



After 9 years of research and development, Bkav has mastered the core technology of SmartHome systems.

What are advantages for products made by Vietnamese like SmartHome than other rivals' on the market?

Our SmartHome system has many advantages compared to other products on the market.

The first, the system can deploy the installation very easily, no need to design many and complex power lines as others product on the market because of using the technology of data transmission on Power Line Communication (PLC) and Zigbee wireless communication. With such technology, the system can be deployed for new houses as well used houses. When customers need to upgrade the system then they just only add more devices, configure scenarios and limit the maximum chiseling and repairing the house.

Another prominent advantage of SmartHome system is lively visual 3D control interface. Users can control their houses directly on the touch screen with 3D interface properly simulated the interior and exterior of the house, that helps the control easier. On the touch screen, home owners can move from this room through another room, press directly on the image to control devices such as lamps, televisions, air conditioners, curtains, etc.

The difference of SmartHome is smart context scenarios. Currently, most of smart home systems of the firms in the market such as Siemens, Legrand, Hager, etc. can only perform with the usual scenario that is combined devices together under commands, for example, watching film, receiving guests. Meanwhile, the SmartHome system has the ability to perform context scenarios. For example: In the morning, the system control screen will automatically select and display the suitable control scenarios on demands, habits and hobbies of home owners as "morning exercise", "breakfast", etc. Homeowners do not grope to find the suitable commands in many different commands. The system is also capable of running scenarios fully automatic according to space, time, hobbies of owners, such as time to bed, the system automatically moves to security mode, the security sensor is activated to protect the house against any unauthorized intrusion. With smart context scenarios, SmartHome system actually understands what customers need and meet the needs of customers most friendly, most convenient.

With the advantage of mastering and manufacturing the technology, customers will receive the direct and maximum support from the manufacturer in Vietnam without having to wait or depend on the import of equipment.

Currently, smart home prices are still high compared to most of Vietnamese people. Whether SmartHome is going to research and develop cheap products in the future?

SmartHome system is designed for the high class customer segment so currently the deploying cost is relatively high, from several hundred millions to a few billions depending on the house scale and investment extent of owner. We are also deploying to research and design the basic product packages to meet the diversified needs of customers.

A few years ago there was information that SmartHome would announce to the press about the smart home business, but until now this information has not become reality. Is the smart home business in Vietnam having difficulties?

Smart home is a large system that includes a lot of technologies, equipments and features in it. This is a high class system so customers also have high requirement on products. So we need to have enough time to invest, research, develop and manufacture products. The deployment roadmap of SmartHome system basically remains as planned. We have perfected a complete smart home system with a full high class features. Currently, SmartHome is deployed a list of projects and at the appropriate time we will announce officially.

Is the real estate market freeze which is the reason that causes difficulty for business development roadmap of smart home?

The real estate and construction market  is now common difficulty. However, as said above, SmartHome system is not currently available for majority that is toward the high class segment, for successful people that want to build luxury housing work "best in their life". In any social circumstance there are always such successful people. Currently we are deploying a series of smart home projects nationwide. Plans for our smart home business development are still on the roadmap. SmartHome is focused on perfecting the customer care system, deployment team, maintenance system, services... before there is strong promotions to push products into the market.

Does SmartHome have the orientation to export smart home systems as orientation of antivirus software of the parent corporation?

All Bkav's products in general and SmartHome's products in particular have the trend to develop globally. That's aspirations and our desire when researching and developing products. With smart home products, our immediate focus is to develop well in the domestic market because Vietnam market is still very nascent and potential. When the time is ripe we will certainly deploy to export overseas.

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