Launching SmartGreen sanitary equipment

(16:35 | 05-09-2014)

SmartGreen is the name of smart sanitary equipment set, friendly with the environment, researched and manufactured by SmartHome (the member company of Bkav Corporation). The product set includes: Auto lighting device, smart valve, smart faucet, ultra-rapid hand dryer, introduced in September in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

SmartGreen product set is the first smart sanitary design of Vietnam introduced to the market

The first device in the product set is Auto lighting. Stepping into the restroom, the user will not have to turn on the power switch or turn off when they go out there. The lighting system will recognize the presence of user to turn on lamps via Auto lighting device using infrared sensor technology and is controlled by an embedded computer. This product can also distinguish between day and night as integrated lighting sensor.

Smart valve is considered as the strategy products of SmartGreen. Instead of having to press hands as the usual manual flush valve, the device will automatically rinse the urinal in a smart cycle, helping users safely, avoiding risk of infection due to exposure. The equipment is applied infrared sensor technology, smart processing with embedded computer technology, particularly Nanowatt technology super saving energy, increasing battery time up to 3 years with a frequency of 100 times/ day.

With the smart sensor faucet, users only need to put their hands on, water is automatically rinse and shut off when not in use. Smart rinsing cycle with the ability to work well in the high humidity environment of the device creates a clean, comfortable and water saving environment.

The 4th product of SmartGreen device set was introduced as ultra rapid hand dryer with the high pressure blow technology, for drying speed 5-6 times faster than normal machines, drying hands in just 10 -12 seconds.

At the launching ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Sales Director of SmartHome said smart urinal valve of SmartGreen costs only 860,000 VND, equivalent price even lower than manual valves used by hand. "With outstanding technology brings convenience, comfort and safety for users while the installation and replacement is simple and quickly, we believe that the introduction of smart urinal valve of SmartGreen is the revolution, replacing the entire manual valves used by hand", Mr. Hung said.

Right at the stage of the launching event, SmartHome representative demonstrated replacing SmartGreen urinal valve for a manual valves used by hand. In fact, the replacement of each device only takes from 15-20 minutes and can be performed on any available status without having to repair or renovate more.

Impressed by the smart sanitary equipment SmartGreen, guests ask many questions to the manufacturer.

Guests are agents of SmartHome photographed at the launching ceremony of the SmartGreen products

Bkav SmartHome Technology Company Limited is the first enterprise in Vietnam that is the pioneer in the field of research and manufacture of smart devices, serves the civil and industrial work. The smart sanitary facilities of SmartGreen are premise so that SmartHome is going to launch SmartHome system in early 2011.