Musician Huy Tuan: Owning SmartHome is most amazing

(16:28 | 05-09-2014)

Recently, musician Huy Tuan equipped Bkav SmartHome system for the Penthouse that he had bought in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam Forbes Magazine in an article published on January, 2014 posted the musician feelings about Bkav SmartHome comprehensive solution. would like to introduce to readers the article reprinted from the magazine.

As an active musician with music products always catching up the times breath, Huy Tuan in a normal life also has modern and youthful style. He especially likes technology. Recently, the musician bought a high class Penthouse in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, a space to connect the family and show his life style. This is also the place where he spends a lot of enthusiasm to satisfy his technology passion.

Sitting on a wooden chair like a bar in the rustic designed kitchen quite nicely, ceiling is paneled by wooden mounted gold Ion lamps and infrared lighting sensor devices, Huy Tuan shared: "I am a person who loves technology and wants all the details in my home attached to technology. I image as I go out and can still control the pace of life, activities, even control items in my house... It will be a comfortable and high class house. There must be a technology helping me to take all of those things. I looked for and was really surprised to find SmartHome technology".

Musician Huy Tuan remembered the early days learning about Smart Home technology. At that time, he himself did not also know what he can wait for this technology. However, after experiences Huy Tuan uttered "SmartHome really exceeded my expectations. All that I am waiting for high-technology products for my house are here".

In luxury and cozy apartment of musician Huy Tuan, all devices from curtains, air conditioners, sound system, lighting system, security system, bathroom equipments, etc. are connected to each other and fully operates automatic based on scenarios that he set up, meet his and his family's needs, hobbies. In the morning, lamps are off, curtains are automatically opened to the suitable location to reduce the effects of noisy from the street and make space for natural light. In the evening, the lighting system is on, curtains are pulled up so that his family can enjoy the picture of the brightly-lit city from above, while music is soothing with favorite melodies of his family. Huy Tuan said, if the whole family must go away, he just needs to select the mode "go out", all electronic appliances will automatically turn off or shut down and when the owner go home, they will restore the previous state. Even, the warm water is also available from several minutes before the home owner is in front of the door. Only the security system operates 24/24 hours and will inform him every "suspicious" change in the house, though he is anywhere, away from home thousands of kilometers at any time. With the access control system, whether Huy Tuan is in any position in his home, he always knows who's knocking at the door through the tablet screen. He will decide whether welcome guests or not just with one touch on the touch screen.

Taking the iPad on the kitchen table, Huy Tuan said: "Not only controlling via the touch screen is available on the system, I can still communicate with my home with iPad or mobile phone". After he starts the operation, screen interface of tablet pops up 3D graphic image that simulates his house. Slide his finger to the left, the screen moves to his son's bedroom. Checking the air conditioner, he satisfies because the temperature in the room is in the correct level as required, to ensure that his son is not cold. Continue to slide his finger to the screen to the right, the screen moved him to other position in the house with the vivid visual interaction as real space.   

"It is difficult to describe by words that must experience really to feel all conveniences which SmartHome technology brings", Huy Tuan said. "What I am really impressed with the SmartHome is the investment is thorough in each product details. From complexity but subtlety in the operation of software, to the sophistication of the design, precise mechanical processing, hardware materials are perfect. Obviously, SmartHome does not just stop in manufacturing technology products that they also want the products become high class equipments in the house. When touching on these SmartHome products, I make sure that you also have feelings like me".

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