Bkav at BuilTech Yangon 2014 in Myanmar

(15:01 | 05-09-2014)

The first Myanmar Building Technology Trade Fair – BuilTech Yangon 2014 took place in Yangon City in the end of May. The world big technology and building corporations did not miss the opportunities to explore this new potential market of Myanmar including Bkav SmartHome.

Opening ceremony of BuildTech Yangon 2014

Officially opened the economy 2 years ago, Myanmar is reviewed as the attractive market in Asia. The construction industry of this country is valued at close to US$3.2 billion and an annual growth rate of 8%, is expected to achieve US$4.6 billion in 2016. Many corporations in Vietnam like Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Petro Vietnam… were early in Myanmar to take advantage of opportunities after opened the economy of this country.

Bkav introduced at the trade fair the smart home – the solution for controlling the house based on smart context scenarios.  Many partners at the event have surprised about Bkav SmartHome, because this is the complete smart home solution with the world leading technology at present, overcoming the other familiar names like Google, Samsung or Microsoft no longer participating the smart home market.

Bkav SmartHome allows home owners controlling the house via visual 3D interface on smartphone or tablet. The devices are simulated graphics like using in the real life and combined with the active scenarios to bring the most comfort for users.

Previously, Bkav SmarHome has introduced its smart home solution at the major international exhibitions as SITEX (November 2013), or CEBIT (March 2014) and resonated on the world technology and building market. Currently Bkav SmartHome is deploying in many markets such as Singapore, Euro, India and so on.

Please click here for more images of Bkav SmartHome devices.