Officially launching Bkav SmartHome

(17:12 | 05-09-2014)

On June 13, 2013, Bkav Corporation officially launched Bkav SmartHome, the control solution based on smart context scenarios. On this occasion, Bkav cooperated with Phu My Hung to open the model smart home at Green Valley project, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Bkav SmartHome is the complete smart home system, you can control and manage your house through a visual 3D interface via smartphone or tablet, all devices are simulated as using in the real life. The system from lighting control, curtains, air control, security, entertainment to heat and so on are combined operating based on smart context scenarios, brings users the most comfort. Bkav SmartHome using the wireless communication technology (ZigBee) and Wifi helps the installation more easy and simple.  

Mr. Vu Thanh Thang, Vice President in charge of Bkav Hardware, said: "We not only invest to the technology of smart home but also care of every detail of design, styling. Only for one control panel, Bkav SmartHome also manufactures of unibody aluminum, anti-scratch Gorilla glass to ensure the luxury matching with the high class smart home". 

Smart home trend becomes more popular as the demand of modern, comfort and energy saving houses is gradually a standard. Recently, technology "giants" of the world is also starting to participate in the potential smart home market. Early 2014, Google bought Nest (Manufacturer of smart temperature control and smog alarm device), Samsung launched the self-contained smart home system in its devices and most recently Apple launched HomeKit - smart home application platform  

If Google smart home is under the form of single equipments, Samsung smart home system can control based on the simple and self-contained scenario only for its products, and Apple HomeKit is still only a software set. Leading the trend, over ten years ago, Bkav researched and developed smart home. Bkav SmartHome has taken one step ahead of technology "giants" of the world with the complete smart home, connecting all devices in the house, not only control based on context scenario but also designing smart context scenarios according to habits, time and previous orders of home owner, control visually via 3D interface

Mr. Vu Thanh Thang shared: "Vietnam technology manufacturers think that products of foreign firms are the best so they do not dare to invest. But now, Bkav SmartHome is proud of the leading enterprise of the world about smart home area. This is the clear evidence that Vietnam absolutely develops with other giants of the world about science and technology. At present, we are deploying our projects in Europe, Singapore, India and Myanmar".

Besides Phu My Hung, Bkav SmartHome also signed the agreement to deploy smart home at EcoPark – the largest ecological urban township in northern Vietnam. To know more about SmartHome, you can visit SmartHome showrooms at 2 Commercial Centers Times City (Hai Ba Trung District – Hanoi) and Royal City (Thanh Xuan district – Hanoi)

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