Outstanding technology of Bkav SmartHome

Simple deployment

In fact, demands of change are inevitable such as extending for more rooms, repairing old rooms etc. Bkav SmartHome just installs additional expansion devices without changing the current state of electricity infrastructure. Because Bkav defines approach of smart home via wireless (Zigbee, WiFi), which makes changes easier. Meanwhile, the others in the market with wired connection system (bus) are not feasible in case of any change. Even in the case of new construction, Bkav SmartHome does not require changes in electrical infrastructure design, while the others must make subsidiary signal power line, connectors, electrical infrastructure changes etc. which lead to costly and complicated construction. For example, a house with 3, 4 rooms with dozens of nodes as Bus network needs a total of approximately 1,000 meters of low voltage wires to connect up to 100 network nodes - each node is a device.

Bkav SmartHome is the complete smart system

Core platform operating system of Bkav HomeOS with its controllers apply modern technology, advanced materials, Bkav SmartHome has created a platform on which the technicians just need configuration to connect devices in a house, control them in a smart way. Bkav SmartHome's platform makes smart houses become popular and it can be fully deployed into every house. Bkav SmartHome system may also be used by the elderly and children. While some smart home companies in the market are at the primitive level, cannot configure for complete system, and only at home automation. As you know, Bill Gates had to spend a lot of money and many years to enjoy smart home. However, with Bkav SmartHome, you can have your own smart home with similar features, even more modern with a reasonable cost because it only takes 2 weeks to 1 month to complete the configuration for Bkav SmartHome.

Visual control via 3D touch screen

SmartHome allows you to easily control your house through visual 3D interface on a smartphone or tablet of which the devices are simulated same as in reality. Therefore, you just need to tap the devices on the screen when controlling them in your house. When you want to open the curtains, tap Curtains on the touch screen, and similarly tap air conditioner's image for controlling the air conditioner. Besides interactive control of devices in the room, 3D interface of Bkav SmartHome supports users in "moving" from one room to another same as in reality. Bkav SmartHome is the only solution in the market to apply visual 3D on the touch screen of a smartphone or tablet to control. For other companies' solutions, it is hard to find and use menu interface to control devices, the control is mainly on/off. This interface cannot be used if your children, the elderly or those are reluctant to use devices carefully and accurately.

Smart contextual scenario

The greatest utility for smart home solution is to operate based on preset scenarios. Each scenario is usually a set of steps to turn on/off devices throughout the house or in a room. Other companies often set up a lot of different scenarios such as scenarios for movies, welcome, book, sleep, party etc. There may be hundreds of such different scenarios so a user must search a lot of scenarios to activate and use a scenario. These steps cause inconvenience and even after period of time they are no longer interested in using scenarios and smart home becomes an expensive toy accordingly. Bkav SmartHome not only offers simple scenarios to use but also smartly creates scenarios based on context, the previous scenario, time for use. The system also calculates the habits of the user to make appropriate scenarios. For example, when a user is using "Dinner" scenario, the system "knows" what the user often do next by displaying the most contextually appropriate scenarios such as Movies, Welcome or "Go out" etc.

The system understands and learns based on users' habits

In reality, SmartHome users frequently have more needs and changes of scenarios based on time and circumstances. Bkav SmartHome will learn itself the changes and update scenarios to suit accordingly. For example, "Sleep" scenario at normal default, it automatically closes curtains, turns off ceiling lights and reflector lamps, only turns on bedside lamps, set air conditioner's temperature to be lower at 25 °C. However, in early morning, users often feel cold and if they adjust the temperature to be higher at 27-28 °C, the system will automatically learn itself if the habit is repeated 2-3 times. The "Sleep" scenario will automatically update to adjust the temperature in early morning. Currently, there is no such solution because other systems do not have any operating system, so they cannot learn habits of users.

Optimization of the exploitation and use of devices

A device of Bkav SmartHome can perform different functions at different times which helps reduce costs. Accordingly, it is convenient to construct your house and makes it more beautiful. Light sensor is an example. It turns on lights when detecting a person and turn off lights when there is no one during daytime, but at night its task is to produce security warnings. In the event that the central system has any problem, areas are still controlled and used with the necessary features. The system integrates all electrical devices available on the market, unlike other smart homes which are very "picky" in connecting devices and only connect to some kind of devices. Bkav SmartHome can connect all devices.