Introduction of smart lighting system

(16:53 | 05-09-2014)

Recently, Bkav SmartHome – the member company of Bkav Corporation, officially introduced SmartHome lighting system to electric companies, agents in Hanoi.

Smart lighting system of SmartHome includes a 3 product set:

·     SH-D1: is the product with basic features, meets the needs for basic auto lighting in the yard gate, corridor, restroom, etc.

·     SH-D2: is the product with advanced features, has ability operating based on scenarios, suitable to be installed in places like living room, bed room, office, etc.

·     SH-D4: is the product designed only for stairs, can be installed right on the available system to replace normal stair switches

With the product set, lamps will automatically turn on/off smart at every place in the house, it brings users convenience, comfort and civilization.

Below are some images at Introduction event of smart lighting system of SmartHome:

At present, Bkav SmartHome is the only manufacturer on the market providing the smart lighting solution set that can be installed and used every place for the whole house.

Many agents, companies specializing in the electric devices in Hanoi participated this event of Bkav SmartHome.

This event is an opportunity for agents and companies in field of electric devices to understand about Bkav SmartHome – the leading company in Vietnam in field of research, design and manufacture of Smart home system, smart rest room and smart lighting system.

Smart lighting system can be installed everywhere in the house like: yard gate, corridor, living room, bed room, stair, etc and has a highly customized ability, meets needs for basic as well as advanced lighting of users. With smart switch feature, the home owners can install time as they want, for example, set time to turn off the lamps in 2 hours to watch a movie or from 6 to 8 hours to get a full sleep. After that, the device will automatically return to the normal mode. Everywhere in house, the device is easy to install on the available system without redesigning power system.


Representatives of many enterprises, agents attending at the introduction event are interested and ask questions about products…

... and go to the stage to discuss with the manufacturer.



Manufacturer and visitors together share, discuss about issues like: product features, prices, and support of installation, etc.

Please click here for more images of SmartHome devices.