Analyzing Bkav SmartHome

(14:30 | 31-01-2015)

(VnReview)  After Bkav SmartHome in your hand and SmartHome Review, we continue to analyze other devices to understand about the design and assembly quality as well as sources of components inside.

SmartHome integrates the technology into appliances to easily control and connect via Internet, automatically perform pre-programmed works etc. SmartHome system includes about 10 product types such as wireless control, internet devices, control sensors, software etc.

In this article, we analyze 6 products in SmartHome system including to 2 control devices (6-channel controller SH-CC6, 4-channel touch switch SH-CTZ4), Central Connector device SH-BZ, Central security device SH-SCZ, light sensor device SH-DZ and air sensor SH-SSZ). These devices help users to control Bkav SmartHome.

Bkav declares to master the production technology of smart home by mastering the design of industrial style, mechanical design, electronic design, software development and complete operating system for smart home. The anufacturer only imports auxiliary accessories from abroad (capacitors, resistors from Japan, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass of Corning from USA etc.). These partners also provide components for Apple or Samsung.

VnReview analyzed many technology products but it is the first time to analyze inside of a smart home solution. The analyzing process of SmartHome devices does not encounter any obstacle, the analyzing time is quite fast thanks to the mechanical designs which are less complex than smartphone or tablet.

1. Control Devices

As mentioned in previous articles, controlling all SmartHome system can be performed in many ways: besides software on smartphone/ tablet, 6-channel control panel system SH-CC6 and 4-channel touch switches SH-CTZ4 can be also used to control.

Both of control panels have seamless design with the sensor panel (using scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass) fastened to the aluminum frame. The manufacturer seems to be rather interested in product's design and aesthetics so it does not allow users to remove devices from the front side (touch glass). Components as printed circuit board, frame and screen are fixed by screws from the backside, mounted to each other by about ten screws and use plastic structures to hold components without sticking-plaster. Removing screws is not simple because they are made from bronze and fixed very tightly.

6-Channel central control panel – SH-CC6

SH-CC6 control panel is design small, modern and delicate with unibody aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass screen that are often used on iPhone and luxury smartphones

Removing the back cover of devices does not encounter any difficulty because the behind circuit board is positioned into the frame by 4 screws.

The behind circuit board controls to display a string of characters on the LCD screen above. Areas marked in red color are the location of connectors: 1-Connector connects to the control circuit board above. 2-Connector connects to LCD screen

Continuing to remove 10 screws connecting between plastic parts holding LCD screen below. LCD display screen is made by Thingwell International, specializes in producing LCD screen and LCD module for electronic accessories of autos, industrial machines, household appliances, medical equipments, etc.

The second circuit board is under the touch surface of SH-CC6. This control board contains chips and wireless connection module: 1- Main Microproccessor STM32F100 of Micro Electronics - the world's largest chip semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Switzerland. 2- Chip whistle. 3 - Module ZigBee. 4- Capacitive sensor ST16M31.

The main microprocessor ST M32F100 of ST Micro Electronics allows controlling display parts on the LCD screen.

Chip whistle (When touching sensor buttons, it will beep to inform to receive commands) manufactured by TDK (Japan).

The capacitive sensor ST16M31 "reads" commands from sensor buttons

ZigBee wireless module (wireless technology with low capacity is safe for health, used in household appliances) with the frequency of 2.4 GHz of Murata from Japan. Murata is also the provider of WiFi module for iPhone 6.

4-channel sensor switch SH-CTZ4

4-channel sensor switch SH-CTZ4 uses unibody aluminum frame and has the design similar to SH-CC6

Capacity circuit board (right) assembled with the control panel (left) by 2 latches.

2 latches connect the capacity circuit board and the control panel

At the backside of SH-CTZ4, removing 4 screws to open the capacity circuit. The part marked in red color is to close/disconnect the electric circuit, four relays corresponding to 4 sensor buttons. They are accessories of SUN Hold Electric (Hong Kong). The code name 1216A means that the accessory is controlled by one-way signal of 12V and has the maximum capacity power of 16A.

IC source (made by Power Integrations) mounted at the backside  of the capacity circuit will convert from the alternative current to direct current of 12V to supply the control power for relays.

Continue to explore the control circuit board by removing 8 screws around edges.

Accessories on the circuit board controls sensor: 1- capacitive sensors ST16M31 made by ST Micro Electronics, similar to SH-CC6. 2- Chip whistle made by TDK. 3- ZigBee Modules made by Murata.

2. Central connector and central security device

Central Connector device

Central Connector SH-BZ

Central Connector SH-BZ is the network bridge to connect ZigBee to Bkav SmartHome server system. Within a radius of 8 meter, the information status of all devices in the house is transfered to SH-BZ and then to SmartHome server.

To open the central connetor, turning over the cover (the sole) of the backside and removing 4 screws at edges on SH-BZ to see the inside circuit board.

The main circuit board of the central connector includes: 1- Micoprocessor Cortex-M3. 2- ZigBee Module. 3- Source Module NFM 5-5

The microprocessor Cortex-M3 made by Texas Intruments (USA) is the world's leading manufacturer of microprocessor. This microprocessor also integrates chips to communicate with the computer via LAN, Ethernet.

Different with two control panels, ZigBee module on SH-BZ is integrated more connections with the external antenna to increase the transceiver distance. ZigBee module is the product of Catcan (Taiwan).

The source Modul NFM 5-5 of Meanwell (Taiwan) will convert from the electric current of 220V to the direct current of 5V for the device

Central Security device SH-SCZ

Central Security Device SH-SCZ

SH-SCZ owns the simple design but is in charge of the huge workload: collect signals from the security sensors as electronic fences, position sensors, broken glasses sensors, smoke sensors etc. SH-SCZ supporting 4 security channels includes Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4.

Removing 4 screws from the backside to open Central Security device

Inside circuit board of SH-SCZ, marked in red, is the relay PA1a-5V by Panasonic that allows controlling sirens outside the house.

ZigBee module with the frequency of 2.4 GHz by Murata (Japan) is mounted at the backside of the circuit board

3. Sensors

Light sensor device SH-DZ

Light sensor device SH-DZ

The light sensor device SH-DZ will turn on lights when detecting a person and turn off lights when there is no one in the sensor area (within 20 m2). According to Mr. Vu Thanh Thang, Vice president in charge of hardware and Bkav SmartHome, this is one of the "first" devices of Bkav SmartHome because the first version was manufactured 10 years ago. It seems the first device to create the inspiration so that Bkav develops the entire SmartHome system later.

To open SH-DZ by rotating the sole counter-clockwise. The device cover is inserted with the sole by 3 latches without using screws to fix.

Inside SH-DZ includes: 1-Relay of SUN Hold Electric is similar to SH-CTZ4. 2-Infrared sensor. 3-ZigBee Module with the frequency of 2.4 GHz by Murata. This module is used in every device to transmit data to the system.

The infrared sensor and the circuit board are manufactured by Bkav. Lens S9004 is exported from Nysenba company with the arch shape to focus the infrared signals received from the motion under the device within area of ​​20m2 to the inside sensor chip.

Air sensor SH-SSZ

Air sensor SH-SSZ

SH-SSZ can measure temperature, humidity, environmental light and send signals toSmarthome system server. After that, the device will control the other appliances, such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers, lighting system etc. in order to create the comfortable living environment for users.

SH-SSZ has the operating voltage of 220V-50/60Hz, can measure the temperature from -40oC up to 60oC, the humidity in the range of 0-100% RH and the light from 0-1800 lux.

Opening the front side of SH-SSZ by removing the cover and 4 screws. The front cover has the effect to hide screw heads in order to increase the product aesthetics

The circuit board is located at the bottom of the sensor cover includes: 1- Sensor processing temperature and humidity, SH T10 of Sensirion (Switzerland). 2- Sensor processing lighting TSL2550D of TAOS (USA).

Sensor processing temperature and humidity, SH T10 of Sensirion (Switzerland).

Removing 4 screws to see the circurt board behind

1- ZigBee module is placed in the middle of the main circuit board. 2- Source module is designed by Bkav

The source module designed and manufactured by Bkav is set vertically. This module is to convert the alternative current to the direct current.


Bkav SmartHome products have the mechanical design, electronic design and good assembly. Control panels use unibody aluminum rims and scratch-resistant Gorilla glass. Besides, sensors, transmission devices use high quality plastic material. The printed circuit board is designed carefully; the flex cable is tidy and uses many connectors to mount the components to the printed circuit board.

Bkav uses electronic accessories made by the world leading manufacturers to creat the "high class" not only in design but also in product's quality. Thus, if not introduced as products "Made in Vietnam", customers can think that they are products of foreign firms.

The next article is about the process of how Bkav SmartHome is manufactured. Please continue to follow up.


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