Energy and water savings for hotel sector

(15:54 | 05-09-2014)

"The Representative of the energy efficiency and savings promotion project (MEET-BIS) of European Commission highly appreciated SmartHome products. MEET-BIS hopes continuing to cooperate with SmartHome in the next programs of the project to perform the target in improving the energy savings efficiency for enterprises in Vietnam", Mr Nguyen Manh Hung, Sales Director of Bkav SmartHome said at the seminar: "potential and solutions in using energy and water resources efficiency for the hotel sector".

This event was held by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and MEET-BIS project of European Commission at the end of March in Hanoi


The environmental experts from the Netherlands, Representatives of Hotels in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, etc. discuss about the issue of efficient use of energy and water resources in the hotel sector


At the seminar, SmartHome company introduced smart sanitary equipments and smart lighting devices, products save water and electricity for hotels


Consulting visitors about products

Directly viewing smart sensor faucet SH-F68, one of products researched and developed by SmartHome. With auto-flushing feature when users move their hands to the device's sensor area and stop as users move their hands out, the device helps Hotels saving water resource efficiency.

Ultra-rapid hand dryer SH-H2 of Smarthome has the ability automatically to dry their hands ultra rapid only from 1 second to 12 seconds, 3 times faster than conventional hand dryer, saves electricity. The device can also be customized 3 modes: warm, cool, comfort as users' demand.

Smart lighting system saving electricity will automatically turn on if there is any user in the sensor area, and turn off if nobody is in the area 


SmartHome products attract visitors' attention at the seminar


Some photos of SmartHome products:

Smart lighting device SH-D2


Smart sensor faucet SH-F68

Ultra-rapid hand dryer SH-H2


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