Bkav SmartHome at CeBIT 2014

(15:16 | 06-09-2014)

The world's largest communications and IT exhibition, CeBIT, this year lasted 5 days (from 10 to 14 of March, 2014) and observed attendance of 3,500 corporations coming from 70 countries. Bkav SmartHome brought the exhibition our complete smart home solution.

Followings are some photographs taken at CeBIT 2014:

CeBIT, held annually in Hannover, Germany, is the destination of world top technology and telecommunications enterprises.

As the way to confirm the importance of CeBIT in developing technology, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel always presents at the opening ceremony. CeBIT 2014 also welcomes British Prime Minister David Cameron and prominent celebrities in global technology sector.

CeBIT 2014 pays a great deal of attention to technologies and devices for smart home as in Europe issued more and more laws forcing new houses to have certificate of being friendly with environment, saving energy as well as ensuring modern and convenience for users.

Bkav SmartHome is the only enterprise to bring CeBIT a completed smart home solution, while others' products are just single units or multi units.

Bkav SmartHome enables users to manage and control all devices in their homes, including systems of sound, lighting, air conditioner, curtains… via tablet or smartphone.  

Bkav SmartHome security control system (ACS - access control system, sensors detecting people, broken glasses, gas leaks, IP camera recording system…) attracts visitors at the exhibition.

Bkav SmartHome system is designed with intuitive 3D interface and integrated Zigbee communication technology (wireless data transfer).

Visitors are impressed with features of the Bkav SmartHome, especially when knowing that this solution is manufactured by a Vietnamese enterprise.

"I find a pleasant surprise when knowing that Vietnam has such a high and progressed technology level" shared an entrepreneur.  


Some visitors and Bkav SmartHome representatives at the exhibition


CeBIT is meeting point where well-known technology enterprises find partners. After the exhibition, Bkav SmartHome records more than 200 partners who would like to cooperate and distribute our products.

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