Villa in Quang Nam City

(10:53 | 21-07-2016)

Address: Mr. Phuong's villa, Quang Nam City

Area: Above 1500m2

As a business man, the owner is very busy with his work. Thus, he wants to enjoy the best services to relax when he comes back home. Swimming pool, music and devices which are able to understand the owner's demands are what he wishes. Therefore, he chooses Bkav SmartHome solution to satisfy his demands. Bkav SmartHome solution helps connecting all devices in the house from television, air conditioner, curtain, lighting, audio to watering system and smart swimming pool are all monitored and controlled easily under his command. Besides, the system can learn the owner's habits to automatically adjust and optimize devices at different periods. That is why he is very satisfied with Bkav SmartHome solution. 

Besides requirements mentioned above, the project is equipped by default the high-end technology of Bkav SmartHome such as 3D visual interface, smart contextual scenarios, learning owner's habits.