Hoa Phuong villa in Vincom Village

(10:18 | 23-01-2015)
Address: Hoa Phuong villa – Vincom Village
Area: 250 m2
General introduction: The owner is an investor of urban areas in Hanoi and often invites friends and partners to his home parties. He took a lot of time to select devices, decorations and wants to have a villa not only modern, luxurious, cozy but also comfortable during using.
Comfort in welcoming guest
In his previous house without smart home system, he must go around the house to turn on devices such as sound, lights, air conditioners, curtains etc. This is very inconvenient and makes him using it irregularly. So the devices selected carefully, but not used, are wasted. After deploying Bkav SmartHome, he just touches the button "Guest" on the control panel or 3D interface of smartphone or tablet when guests arrive, immediately lights in the living room are brightly lit, curtains go up, air conditioner temperature and music volume are set to lower level etc.
Simple and easy to use
While deploying SmartHome, the homeowner also paid attention to his family members such as the elderly and kids. Bkav SmartHome is currently the easiest solution on the market that allows the homeowner easy to control his house via visual 3D interface on smartphone or tablet in which the devices are simulated same as in reality. Thus, when controlling devices in the house, he just touches the device's images on the control screen. For example: to pull up curtains he only needs to touch "Curtain" on the touch screen or air condition's image to control it.
Besides requirements mentioned above, the project is equipped by default the high-end technology of Bkav SmartHome such as 3D visual interface, smart contextual scenarios, learning owner's habits.