Mandarin Garden - Hanoi

(09:50 | 23-01-2015)
Address: Luxurious Apartment at Mandarin Garden, Hanoi
Area: 170 m2
General introduction: The owner is an architect with special aesthetics. His house must be the combination of classic architecture style and modern technology trend etc. Bkav SmartHome is the solution that meets his demand.
Smart lighting system
As an architect, the owner is very elaborate for his house, especially the lighting system. He wants the system of chandeliers, wall lamps and track lamps etc. to be controlled and combined together to bring the luxurious and splendid life space. The lighting system inside his home is divided into areas. Only when there is a person at an area, will the lights of the area turn on. They will automatically turn off as soon as the person leaves. Moreover, the lighting system will self-adjust its operations based on owner's hobbies such as greeting guest in the brilliant mode, all lamps lit up etc. Lighting levels of the lamp system can automatically adjust at different times.
Unlimited entertainment
Bkav SmartHome's multi-zone audio system helps his family enjoy music, movies from anywhere in the house that is great for evening parties or birthday parties etc. As scheduled by the owner, the house will automatically suggest, choose favorite movies, start the home theater system and adjust lighting logically etc. The entertainment will be really comfort with just one button.
Besides requirements mentioned above, the project is equipped by default the high-end technology of Bkav SmartHome such as 3D visual interface, smart contextual scenarios, learning owner's habits.