Hoa Sua Villa in Vincom Village

(09:44 | 23-01-2015)
Address: Hoa Sua villa, Vincom Village, Hanoi
Area: 450 m2
General introduction: A luxurious garden villa in Vincom Village of which the owner is a "fan" of technology and high-end products.
Simple and easy to manage more than ever
This project is a large villa with many rooms and devices of which there are different functions subject to demands and hobbies of each member. This is the high wonder of the owner when designing the house. It is relatively hard to control and operate devices scientifically, logically and in the saving way. Bkav SmartHome processes this demand easily. With Bkav SmartHome the house is operated completely automatic from the system of lighting, sound, curtains, water pump for garden, air conditioner etc. Beside, the owner also controls the house based on smart contextual scenarios such as Guest, Evening party, Movies, Book etc. on tablet or smartphone via visual 3D interface. For example, at night, instead of going to each room to check, the owner can select the corresponding scenario to turn off the whole system, start the security system etc with just only one touch that does not take so much time.
Relax with the multi-zone audio system
The owner loves music so he is interested in the sound system of his house. He invested the sound system from the living room, bedroom to the garden. Each member in his family also has various music styles and wants to have their own spaces. Bkav SmartHome provides the multi-zone audio system and absolutely meets his demands. The sound system is managed to play in each area based on the own hobbies or for the entire house when there are events such as birthdays, parties etc. The owner can select the favorite songs via the control panel mounted into the wall or on tablet, smartphone easily. The house will be a theater for members to enjoy their own music passion.
Besides requirements mentioned above, the project is equipped by default the high-end technology of Bkav SmartHome such as 3D visual interface, smart contextual scenarios, learning owner's habits.