Musician Huy Tuan's penthouse

(09:32 | 23-01-2015)
Address: Phu Hoang Anh condominium (Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City)
Area: 175 m2
General introduction: The owner is a famous musician, who loves technology and wants everything in his house related to technology. He found a solution that helps managing his life, activities and even his house from everywhere. Bkav SmartHome can do more than that.
Control the house anytime and anywhere
As a busy person with regular business trips, still he wants to control and takes care of his house. This is his most important demand when seeking to Bkav SmartHome. He wants his water heater and air conditioner to be turned on before he arrives home, or knows who is ringing the bell if his family is not at home and at the same time, the system sends the alert to his mobile phone when detecting any intrusion. The lighting system, television, air conditioner, gas-cooking stove etc can be turned off remotely if he forgets to do it before going out. Bkav SmartHome handles all owners' demands. Devices in the house are connected into the system via Internet. The owner can control all devices via visual 3D interface on smartphone or tablet, or with just one touch.
Smart lighting system
In this project, the owner paid so much for the lighting system, because rooms have many light systems, especially in the living room with chandeliers, flood lamps, track lamps etc. He requires the light system to bring the effectiveness, creates feelings for his life and works (composing). Bkav SmartHome engineers received this requirement and configured the lighting system of this project based on different scenarios suitable to user's demands.
Besides requirements mentioned above, the project is equipped by default the high-end technology of Bkav SmartHome such as 3D visual interface, smart contextual scenarios, learning owner's habits.