Bkav SmartHome


SmartHome is the member company of Bkav Corporation. With more than 10 years of experience in researching and developing Smart Home system, we own the world's leading technologies in this field. SmartHome's products are implemented in thousands of buildings to bring about the civilization for the society and upgrade the high class for buildings.


About Bkav Corporation


Established in 1995, Bkav Corporation is the leading firm in network security, software, smartphone manufacturing and smarthome. In the field of network security, antivirus and mobile security softwares of Bkav have been present at more than 100 countries all over the world. The corporation has preeminent security experts. Bkav is known as the security firm to discover the first critical flaw in Google Chrome just days after its launch in 2008. Bkav was also the firm to trace the master server in Britain of unprecedentedly massive DDoS attacks targeting US and Korean governments' websites in July, 2009.


Bkav Corporation is known as a manufacturer of security appliances such as intrusion prevention system Bkav Network Inspector, Bkav Antispam GW, Bkav WebSecurity Scan. Bkav is also providing collaboration softwares (messenger, workflow management, mail, video conference).


In electronics industry, Bkav is a smartphone and smarthome manufacturer. With Bkav SmartHome, every equipment in your house will be connected and controlled automatically based on smart context scenarios via touch screen or tablet, hence creating a convenient, safe and energy-saving living environment.